H & V Group is committed to maintaining leadership in the HVAC industry by representing quality products that offer innovative, sustainable, efficent solutions to our clients’ needs

Air Distribution

The highest quality Air Distribution Products from our manufacturer partners. This includes everything from clean air movement to the most stringent ventilation needs.

Featured Product

Greenheck’s new Vektor-MS inline mixed flow laboratory exhaust fan is designed to reduce fan energy in demand-based laboratory exhaust applications and safely allows variable frequency drives to be applied to laboratory exhaust fans.


H&V Equipment Sales is committed to maintaining leadership in the industry by representing quality products that offer innovative solutions to our clients’ needs. The manufacturers we represent build sustainable, efficient, quality equipment.

Featured Product


Air-Side Economizer Cooling Solutions. STULZ Air-Side Economizers can save you up to 80% by automatically switching to the best operating mode based on heat load and outside air conditions.

Water-Side Economizer Cooling Solutions. STULZ provides industry leading DX and CW-based water-side economizer cooling solutions. The state-of-the-art “STULZ Dynamic Economizer Cooling” solution represents an exciting new approach – with proven results.


The H & V Warehouse is fully stocked to help you complete your projects on time. This includes jobsite materials along with any shop supplies you might need.

Featured Product

Lindab Safe duct systems provide dependable ventilation and a convenient installation method.