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Semi-Custom AHU with unique cabinet construction featuring No Thermal Bridges


VTS American Ventus air handling units (AHU) are Born in the USA but originated in Warsaw, Poland. With six logistical centers around the world – VTS has one of the shortest lead times on the market – and offers competitive prices against all the other guys. Each air handler is a result of a true thermal break design. The panels of the casing are assembled using a double tongue-and-groove joint ensuring both air and water tightness. From air filtration to energy recovery, each AHU section joins together perfectly giving every customer the peace of mind that each section is built to last and of the highest quality & durability.

Air handlers can be mounted inside a building or outdoors on a roof curb. They feature modular configurations to suit the needs of each application. An AHU configured horizontally allows for airflow capacity starting at 800 CFM, reaching up to 38,000 CFM. Heating, cooling, air filtration, coils, mixing boxes, energy recovery and more – VTS American AHU Air Handlers deliver desired air conditions to the space. Vertical air handlers are available up to 4,000 CFM and can be used with different intake and discharge locations to allow for flexible ductwork positioning.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), factory mounted in the control enclosure, are standard for each air handler. VFDs regulate airflow by adjusting levels of the motor-fan unit rotational speed based on incoming frequency. Additional standard components include gapless insulation, direct-drive fans, and air filtration. With unique cabinet design, coil connections and access panels are located on the same side of the cabinet.

American Ventus AHU with ExhaustThe American VENTUS AHU Air Handler, Exhaust shows an air handler featuring an exhaust only option, paired with filtration. Filtration is applied upstream of the incoming air to reduce dirt particles within the airstream.
MERV 8 is the standard basic filtration option. MERV 13 is also available for a higher level of filtration.
For a full list of MERV ratings, view MERV rating chart.

Features & Benefits of VTS Air Handlers:

  • Unique Casing with Double Wall Construction Keeps Water & Air Out
  • Short Lead Times Resulting in Faster Equipment Arrival to Jobsite
  • Variable Frequency Drives conveniently located in Control Enclosure
  • Direct Drive Maintenance Free Plenum Fan (No V Belts)
  • 2 Year Operational Warranty Extends Peace of Mind for Customer
  • Full Breakdown Unit Available at Economical Price Points for Tight-Spot Applications

American Ventus AHU with Heating and Cooling

The American VENTUS AHU Air Handler, Cooling & Heating shows an air handler featuring cooling coils and heating coils with filtration. The filter section is located upstream of the incoming air to filter fragments of dirt within the supply air.
All units have a two or four inch flat pre-filer or a combo with a differential pressure switch to measure static pressure before and after.

The VTS Group entered the American market in 2014, but has a presence in 40 countries around the world. In North America, Atlanta, Georgia is home (logistic center).  Based on the number of years in business and the number of units in the field today, VTS Group manufactures nearly 300 units a day, resulting in 110,000 AHUs sold annually. Proud Green Building interviewed VTS America at the 2016 AHR Show, watch the interview and hear what they had to say.

Kirk Schaffner of VTS America“High-quality, very well built unit with quick lead times. … Double wall construction, hydronic DX coils and plug and plenum fan to drive the air …air-side only… it’s what we are good at and what we stick to.” says Kirk Schaffner of VTS America.

American VENTUS AHU air handlers can include energy recovery, as an Air-to-Air Energy Wheel or a Cross-Flow Plate. Both types allow for increased energy savings at rates up to 85%. The Air-to-Air Energy Wheel exchanges both sensible and latent heat between two air streams, generally exhaust air and outside air. The Cross-Flow Plate transfers heat from the exhaust air to the incoming air to heat the space.

Well-Known Installations with VTS Air Handlers (North America)

H&V Equipment Sales is proud to represent and distribute VTS air handling equipment throughout New York in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany. For a full listing of manufacturers we represent, view the Equipment Line Card.

VTS air handlers are certified by the following organizations: AHRI (Forced Circulation Air-Cooling and Air-Heating Coils), ETL, and AMCA International (Air Movement and Control Association) .  Certifications have also been granted by Eurovent Certified Performance, Bureau Veritas, TUV, and CE.