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Adiabatic Heat Rejection Systems

H&V Sales Group is the leading supplier of Adiabatic Heat Rejection Systems to Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany, NY. We also service Erie and Northern Pennsylvania. We feature cooling tower alternatives from the nations leading retailer, Güntner.


The Adiabatic Cooling System features adiabatic pre-cooling of the intake air. This is the latest development in Güntner’s dry cooler technology, featuring the simplicity of their air cooled dry coolers and condensers.

At peak ambient temperatures, the air entering the finned heat exchanger is pre-cooled to a temperature approaching the wet bulb temperature as it passes through the cooling pads, without any aerosol formation and no water carry over onto the finned surface. The adiabatic process significantly increases the thermal performance of the cooler or condenser, with minimal water usage.

The Güntner adiabatic cooling system does not aerosolize water and does not recirculate water.  Therefore, this system does not meet the definition of a cooling tower according to the New York State Department of Health and does not need to be registered.


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